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The child looks and recognizes first.

Strategic Design and Communication. A Complete Creative Workshop.

Print Campaign

Time Machine designs proactive advertising campaigns across all media. In today's communication world your message must get to the target audience and make them take action. Translating marketing ideas into lasting communication concepts is our strength. From campaigns, brand launches, promotion ideas or even innovative usage of space, the Big Idea Team is waiting to unleash!

Branding Approach

Brand Identity is the buzz word for today's marketing organization. Because it's key to create a distinct image of your brand in the minds of the consumer. To create a powerful communication you need a skilled design and marketing team that will put all its experience, knowledge, and talent into your project. Consistency is key to when it comes to building a competitive global branding.

Brochure Design

Designs that says it all...Our strength lies in our capacity to deal rapidly and effectively, on a national or an international level.We offer innovative Design and Complete Production enhanced by the latest design technology, to let our years of experience in assisting some of the best names in the industry and to help them translate marketing objectives into Creative Designs.

Creating Visual Language

Our Years of Communication experience with capturing lively visual images has helped our clients to create a distinct image for their brands. From fashion to food, people to Industrial images, come to Time Machine, we will make it a breath taking experience & give you a complete new way of looking at it.

comes before

Time Machine, having loads of initiative and abundance of creativity, has established itself in its chosen field with a vengeance. The company has its mark in both National and International markets specially in the field of Creativity, Strategic Design and Production.

The above has not been by mere luck But by sheer dent of handwork, back up of first class facility infrastructure and of course the real genius of talent. The aim has always been on Quality work even at the cost of quantity. The culmination of all the above qualities have resulted in a large number of satisfied and successful clients both National and International.

Design is more than the aesthetic manipulation of forms and space, of graphics, typography and colors, of moving images on film, or the envelope of our environment. Design, like the alphabet, is the cement we use to hold our ideas together. In many cases design is the physical trace we will leave behind to mark our passage through time, it's a reflection of our culture, social, moral, aesthetic and economic values.

Since the beginning itself as a Strategic Design and Communication. Acting as project leaders, we combine creative quality with mastery of the different elements involved.

Our Work

What we do

When we create a concept we create a future

Our ability to think big on any medium. Gives our Clients an extra advantage. Our Big ideas shapes the brands future for a lasting time.

Solutions to lead the industry

Our path breaking ideas. Strategic creative direction. Clearly defines objectives to fulfill solutions to given task

Nurturing from scratch

From scribble to finished products. Our creative edge tracks down the path to success with keeping a clear focus on market.

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Stepping into Global Markets

After a great success in National Markets. Time Machine bridges the gap to various International Markets offering path breaking, Innovative and out of the box solutions.




Photography - A new dimension!

Our expansion into photography gives our clients a integrated approach towards fulfilling their objective. Our World of experience, keeps them apart from conventional static approach.

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